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The key to law-school success for many students is finding a good tutor. Lectures, commercial outlines and hornbooks only teach you the black letter law. They don't teach you  WHAT to Say and HOW to Say It on examinations.  

A good tutor can give you immediate feedback with suggestions for improvement before you take examinations.  


Tim Tyler, Ph.D., is a practicing attorney and author of dozens of publications on how to take law-school and bar examinations, especially for the California Bar. Further, he has written concise and straightforward outlines explaining the black letter law (statutory and common law) and bright-line rules of law (how courts have applied that law to resolve difficult cases). (See Exam Guides.) 

He received his doctorate in economics from the University of California and later graduated number one in his law-school class. He passed the California State Bar Exam on his first attempt and has been a practicing attorney in California since 1999.

Recognized by the California Bar Association 

The California Bar Association does not advocate that any particular exam style is the best. But the exam style advocated by Dr. Tyler has been repeatedly selected by the California Bar Association as a superior approach in its selection of "exemplary answers" submitted by examinees. 

On the June 2002 First Year Law Student Examinations HALF of the "exemplary answers" released by the California Bar were based on Dr. Tyler's approach (The Exemplary Answers 1(B), 2(A) and 4(B) were almost entirely based on Tyler’s “Nailing the Bar” approach, and Answer 3(B) used Tyler’s definition for MURDER virtually word for word!)

It is significant that ONE student answer based on Dr. Tyler's approach was selected by the California Bar for EACH AREA TESTED on the examination because it shows Dr. Tyler's "Nailing the Elements" approach is effective in every examination area. 

Nail your Exams by Nailing the Elements

Dr. Tyler's exam guides use the structured IRAC approach called "Nailing the Elements.". IRAC is the standard approach for law-school essays, and it means that essays should state Issues, the Rules of law, Application of the law to the facts and a concise Conclusion.

"Nailing the Elements" is the key to IRAC that most law students fail to grasp. Without it your law-school answers will be conclusionary or merely restate facts. LawTutor.Org will show you how to avoid these problems by "Nailing the Elements". 


© Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, 2011. 

Beginning law students are cautioned that there is no "money-back guarantee" for students who drop out of law school, are expelled, fail the bar exams or for some other reason are frustrated in their legal studies. We only "guarantee" that once students sign up for tutoring they are given open access to the copyrighted materials posted at the website, and when they submit essay answers for comment, they will be given a prompt response with detailed comments and suggestions.  


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