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Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Attorney at Law

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Tutoring Details

LawTutor.Org provides FIRST-YEAR LAW STUDENTS with a complete tutoring service with over 300 tips, pointers and definitions, plus mnemonics and practice questions. We review your answers to the practice questions and give you comments and suggestions for improvement. Everything is done by e-mail at the pace you choose.  

Our Teaching Approach

LawTutor.Org follows the structured IRAC approach taught as "Nailing the Elements" in Dr. Tyler's Exam Guides. IRAC is the national standard for writing law-school essays, and "Nailing the Elements" is the simplest and most straightforward way to use it. Clear instructions and numerous examples show you how to spot the issues and use IRAC to state clear Issues, concise Rules of law, Application of the law to the facts, and definitive Conclusions. Learn more about Dr. Tyler and how his approach has been embraced by the California Bar Association at Your Tutor.

Set Your Own Pace

LawTutor.Org lets you set the pace for yourself. You decide how fast you want to work. When you send your practice essay answers back to LawTutor.Org they will be promptly read and returned to you with comments and suggestions for improvement. You can go at your own speed and rewrite and resubmit your practice exam answers until you are satisfied with the results

It's Simple

1) Pick up your materials. LawTutor.Org provides you with a password that allows you to open a "Pick-up Box" as illustrated below to get tips, pointers, instructions and practice questions. 


2) Submit your answer. Attach your essay answers to an e-mail using a similar "Drop Boxes" as illustrated below. You are also free to ask other questions concerning law school and legal issues that confuse you.


3) Get immediate, one-on-one feedback. LawTutor.Org will review your essay answers and return them to you by e-mail with comments and suggestions for improvement. 

See Registration for information about enrolling with LawTutor.Org

What You Get

FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS get weeks of tutoring and information as follows: 

  • Over 100 Issue Spotting Hints,
  • Over 100 of the most common law exam Issues and suggested concise Answers,
  • Over 100 concise Definitions and Rules for Contracts, Torts and Crimes, 
  • Five one-hour practice questions (2 Contracts (one common law; one UCC), 2 Torts (1 negligence, 1 intentional torts), and 1 Criminal Law (robbery/murder/manslaughter combo). Your answers to each question will be analyzed and returned to you with comments and suggestions for improvement, and
  • Useful Mnemonics that help you remember the rules of law and what to say. 

Learn Concise Definitions. You will learn the following definition of murder that defines homicide, felony-murder, depraved heart murder, the degrees of murder and all of the necessary elements of malice in only three sentences. 

"Murder is an unlawful homicide, the killing of one human being by another, with malice aforethought. Malice for murder may be 1) express or implied intent to kill or implied by 2) intent to cause great bodily injury, 3) commission of an inherently dangerous felony, the FELONY-MURDER rule, or 4) the deliberate creation of extreme risks to others with an awareness of and conscious disregard for the risk , the DEPRAVED HEART murder theory. 

Under the common law there were no degrees of murder, but modernly first degree murder is one committed a) willfully and deliberately with premeditation, or by b) enumerated means or c) as a result of commission of an enumerated felony."

Learn Helpful Mnemonics. One example is BEDONI. 

BEDONI stands for BURGLARY, "The Breaking and Entry of a Dwelling of Others in the Night with Intent to commit a felony or larceny."  

These are only two examples out of over 300 tips, pointers and definitions you will receive.


Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, 2011. 

Beginning law students are cautioned that there is no "money-back guarantee" for students who drop out of law school, are expelled, fail the bar exams or for some other reason are frustrated in their legal studies. We only "guarantee" that once students sign up for tutoring they are given open access to the copyrighted materials posted at the website, and when they submit essay answers for comment, they will be given a prompt response with detailed comments and suggestions.  


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