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Professional Tutoring Online by:
Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Attorney at Law

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First-Year Law School Tutoring On-Line!

LawTutor.Org provides expert tutoring for FIRST YEAR law-school students in the United States by e-mail. 

Your first year of law school is the most critical. Being prepared for your exams is essential, and if you start off on the wrong foot it will seriously damage or possibly destroy your dream of becoming an attorney. 

Making a small investment in time and money now, at the beginning of law school, will pay you huge rewards later and prevent you from making some very costly mistakes.

This course of tutoring can be completed in only 5 WEEKS and costs only $99.95!*

Your tutor is Tim Tyler, Ph.D., a practicing attorney and author of dozens of manuals designed to give law-school and bar examination students practical, concise instruction on both the black letter and bright line rules of law, and how to prepare for and write essay exams. His exam style has been repeatedly selected by the California Bar Association as an exemplary approach. For more information on Dr. Tyler, see Your Tutor

The instruction offered through this website covers CONTRACTS, UCC (Articles 1 & 2), TORTS and CRIMES to prepare first-year students for law school exams in those subjects and to prepare California students for the California First Year Law Student Exam which covers those subjects.

The website materials essentially duplicate the materials in the following two books from Nailing the Bar:

  • How to Write Essays for Contracts, UCC, Torts and Crimes Law School and Bar Exams (ABC); and 

  • Nailing the BABY Bar (BB).

The essential difference between the tutoring offered at this website and the instruction given in those two books is that the website gives the student an opportunity to get direct feedback and ask questions about confusing legal issues.

This instruction reflects COMMON LAW and BROADLY ADOPTED MODERN RULES applicable to instruction in all States. Some states (e.g. New York) may test on additional portions of the UCC that are not covered here, but that is a relatively minor difference.

For a detailed explanation of how this works and what you will get see Tutoring Details. For further information on how to register for this FIRST-YEAR tutoring service, see Registration.

For information on publications by Dr. Tyler, see Exam Guides.

For purchasing exam guides, law outlines, and general information about "What First Year Law Students Need to Know", see

[*You do not have to finish this service within "5 WEEKS" from enrollment. Rather, the materials are extensive enough most students need five weeks or more to complete the course of instruction.

All students work at their own pace and submit essays by e-mail for review and comment as desired. Essays are individually reviewed and promptly returned with comments and suggestions for improvement. Students may rewrite and resubmit essays. In addition, sample answers and explanations of the questions are provided.]

Contact Information - Questions

Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, 2011. 

Beginning law students are cautioned that there is no "money-back guarantee" for students who drop out of law school, are expelled, fail the bar exams or for some other reason are frustrated in their legal studies. We only "guarantee" that once students sign up for tutoring they are given open access to the copyrighted materials posted at the website, and when they submit essay answers for comment, they will be given a prompt response with detailed comments and suggestions.  

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